Springfield, MO Datacenter


brawn_graphic2Springfield, MO Datacenter

The strength of 85under comes not only from its team but also from its structure, both virtual and physical. We insulate your data behind a 24-hour network of security guards, visual inspection, video monitoring, biometrics, and multiple layers of key-card-accessed compartments. And of course, all of this is housed eight stories underground, putting 85 feet of solid limestone between your data and the nearest foreseeable destructive force, whether natural or man-made. Listed below are just a few of the impressive specs of our subsurface headquarters.

  • Air temperature stabilized at 60° – 64°F year-round
  • Powered by two 1.5kw 13,200v transformers (on a looped substation feed)
  • Backed-up by two 3,000hp, twin-turbo, 16-cylinder diesel generators (each with a 2MW genset)
  • Four 400kv UPS units running in parallel (N+1)
  • Cooled by two 250-ton chiller plants (N+1)
  • Minimum of two 40-ton air handlers in each data center space (N+1)
  • 20 hours of fuel on hand at all times (delivery available 24×7)


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