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Are you interested in partnering with 85under? Our partners enjoy highly discounted services that they can then resell to their clients. Become an 85under reseller and take comfort and pride in offering your customers the high quality hosting solutions that our underground datacenter uniquely provides. With three different partnership programs, we are flexible enough to build lasting alliances that serve the business interests of everyone involved.

Referral Partner

Our deliverables, our support…


  • Partners help new clients sign up directly with 85under.
  • Partners receive a one-time finder’s fee for new client sign-ups.
  • 85under manages accounts, provides support, and bills end-users at standard 85under pricing.
  • Partner’s obligation ends at new client sign-up.
  • Finder’s fees vary depending on the type of service contract secured (for example, higher fees are awarded for cloud hosting and equipment housing than for prerequisite products such as power and bandwidth).

Select Partner

Your deliverables, our support


  • Partners acquire 85under products and services at significant discounts.
  • Partners resell to their own clients at their own retail prices.
  • Partners manage all end-user billing.
  • 85under provides full support for end-user accounts as needed.

Premier Partner

Your deliverables, your support…


  • Partners access 85under products and services at the highest available discounts.
  • Partners resell to their own clients at their own retail prices.
  • Partners manage all end-user billing and support.
  • 85under contracts with Partner only; Partner provides full support to end-user.

Ready to become an 85under Partner? Call us now at 877-858-6337 or click here to get started on your Partner Account. Once you’ve been approved, we’ll send your partner coupon code for discounted products and services.


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