Why Vulnerability Testing Is Important

You may have heard of the term vulnerability testing or vulnerability assessment at least once, especially if you are inclined to computer systems and networks.

In simplest terms, vulnerability testing is the process that systems, computers and communications infrastructure must undergo in order to identify, measure and analyze most, if not all vulnerabilities they may possibly have. It also aims to produce a quantifiable list of these issues and possible measures to fix them.

Importance of Vulnerability Testing

Understand that no single software or solution could completely make a system invulnerable to attacks. It is sad to know however, that plenty of myths circulating around system security were perceived by most as true. For instance, many businesses believe that by having a firewall and an intrusion detection system, they become foolproof to possible attacks. This, and it’s conservatively speaking, is not true. There will always be security holes that need to be corrected.

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