Why Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment Is Important

Vulnerability assessment is a process run to detect, identify and classify the security loopholes in computers, websites, networks, information technology systems and also in communication systems. A minor loophole in your network can put your entire system at risk and let all your information out. The loopholes allow third parties and others to access and illicitly steal and exploit the database and information of your entire network system. Vulnerability is a process that is not much active and uses software tools for analysis.

Penetration testing however is an active process and require ethical hackers with profound knowledge of networking and hacking. A major difference between script kiddies and ethical hackers are that, script kiddies misuse the information and database for personal gain where as ethical hackers run the testing to find the loopholes and cover them up. In penetration testing, a security team is hired. The members of this security team are highly skilled, experienced and can be trusted. Many of them are certified ethical hackers. They ensure the integrity of the network and are coached to use similar methods that the computer hackers implement to get unlicensed access to the system. The professional experts then make the company aware of their weakness and what can be done to prevent from intruding and making the data public. Several ethical hacking institutes recruit experienced and skilled testers to prevent your network from a security breach.

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