What Managed Hosting Is and Entails?

Managed hosting is simply internet hosting where the client gets to lease a server to use for organizational purposes. The server leased by the client is not shared by anyone else and is exclusively used by the client only. This type of hosting allows the organization to control the server including choosing the software, operating systems and hardware to accompany the use of the server. These servers are found in data centers, which operate like colocation facilities. They offer environmental comfort, involving providing heating and ventilation systems, with regards to technologies used indoors and provide back up power systems for emergency use.

The managed hosting service extends to offering the client support when it comes to the use of operating systems. Since the client has the control over which operating system is used; the operating system used on the server depends on the client’s choice and the client’s level of familiarity with the operating software. The price and availability of the application software is also factored. Some of the operating softwares used on servers include Windows server and the Linux Red Hat Enterprise.

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