Managed Colocation Guide

Making a decision on how to host a company’s IT infrastructure can be a difficult one that requires some planning. It is important to understand all of the hosting options available from cloud computing to managed dedicated servers and colocation. The recent trend towards managed colocation offers a middle ground between managed dedicated servers and basic colocation – with fully managed servers delivered under the managed colocation model.

One of the challenges in communicating the value of managed colocation is demonstrating that the operating costs of a server far outweighs its purchase price. While servers are relatively inexpensive, the cost to operate them can be significant. There are many factors that contribute to server operating costs that typically fall into one of four categories:

• Housing and Protecting the Server – Including server location, power and the internet connection; data center capabilities (i.e. raised floors, fire suppression); and firewall or threat management systems
• Monitoring and Tracking the Server – Including any monitoring of operating characteristics (disk space, RAM usage, etc) and the alert messaging system
• Responding and Repairing the Server – Covering any necessary server error services (i.e. troubleshooting and remediation services, part replacement and warranty)
• Preventative Measures – include disaster recovery solutions such as on-site or off-site backup to ensure that the data on the server is always recoverable

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