Five Crucial Check Points – Things Your Managed Hosting Company Should Provide

Outsourcing is an important facet of any business plan, and the choices you make for your outsourcing partners have the potential to dramatically impact your opportunities for success. This is especially true when it comes to selecting a Managed Host for your business website and hosted applications. In best case scenarios, your Managed Hosting Company operates in sync with your Data and Business units, anticipating needs and extending your company IT capabilities more cost effectively and efficiently than you would be able to do in house. To ensure a high level of service from your Managed Hosting Company, the below checklist can help you see how your current or potential new provider stacks up.

1. Comprehensive product line including – multiple options for storage, backup, recovery, security, monitoring & management – Certainly the first thing you are looking for from a Managed Hosting Company is actual web and/or application hosting, but that is just the first piece of an overall solution. It takes supporting services to maximize the performance and capabilities of a hosting deployment. An expensive steak restaurant doesn’t just serve the steak- they enhance the meal with side items, salad, and dessert. Your Managed Hosting Company should offer flexible options for data storage, managed backups and security services, and server monitoring and management solutions that add value to your IT investment.

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