Benefits of a Managed Server

Dedicated servers, whether managed or unmanaged, are usually housed in data centres or colocation centres which are built of the most reliable equipment, power and mechanical systems. This is done for safety measures, risk reduction and scalability. Usually, dedicated unmanaged and managed servers are rented or leased by a company that provides web hosting. The server is used solely by one client and not multiple clients which gives the client full control of the server. Though managed servers are known to be the most expensive solution for maintaining a website, it is also the best solution for anyone who can afford it. It is, in fact, cheaper than purchasing your own server or hiring your own technical team. Plus, there are many providers nowadays that offer cheap dedicated server hosting.

Usually, hosting providers take care of services for managed servers as part of a package or bundled service. Some of the services include system updates, various monitoring packages, and security audits.

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