A Guide to Server Colocation

Basics of Colocation

Server colocation is usually for those who own their own server hardware and require complete control over the server configuration. Colocation specialists will house and connect a server you own, to a fast internet connection, usually in a secure datacentre, with 24/7 support.

It is important to choose a colocation provider that either has their own data center or has a presence in one of the leading “data hotels.” World Class data centres are located in major industrial cities (New York, London, Frankfurt for example). Here they are able to take advantage of the convergence of high capacity network connectivity that occurs in a major commercial centre. For instance fibre, and metrolinks and ease of connection to major Points of Presence (POPS) to the major telco’s. For this reason only a very few of the leading ISP’s or colocation specialist operate their own dedicated centre’s due to the costs of providing remote connectivity, redundant power sources, air conditioning and filtered clean air.

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