Data Replication Provides a Solid Infrastructure Backup Plan

Today’s fast-paced organizations need a reliable method for ensuring data is available at all times. Replication helps companies manage a current backup of information and system settings to deliver fast restoration after a disaster takes place. Natural disasters and human errors cannot always be avoided; however, data replication can minimize or eliminate the time lapse often experienced in these situations. The focus lies in putting measures in place to provide increased system redundancy. Software or hardware components may be operational at another location with the latest data set. Backups in the form of tapes or disk drives might be stored off-site for easy restoration. In some cases, a business may require immediate system availability in these situations. This type of setup is often referred to as a high availability recovery system. All data, applications, and utilized hardware are operational with the latest information for an immediate switchover. Companies can turn to outsourced services to reduce maintenance and management costs associated with this type of information protection.

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