The Road to the Private Cloud: How to Make the Transition

The Private Cloud Challenge: Where to Start?

While the concept of the private cloud is new to the world of Information Technology, it is not uncommon for companies to now fully realize the benefits of moving off of traditional server infrastructure to one that provides the flexibility and redundancy of the private cloud. However, even with the knowledge of how powerful this new technology is, IT executives often cannot see how their company could make the transition to this new infrastructure quickly or easily. To most this area of IT is uncharted waters and a project that is one huge step into the unknown.

A private cloud needs specialized IT technical expertise to not only build the infrastructure but to maintain and manage it as well as careful a cost/benefit analysis to size and grow your cloud with your company. While the private cloud eases concerns of data security and regulatory compliancy that might come with the public cloud, a lot of planning goes into switching to a private cloud. Because of this, it is no wonder why some companies are so hesitant to move to the private cloud. Nevertheless, there are easy steps you can take to steadily move toward the ultimate goal of moving your whole IT infrastructure over to the private cloud.

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