Public and Private Cloud – What Does Your Business Need Today?


Public and Private Cloud are the two most common terminologies floating around in this new IT buzz called Cloud Computing. There is no denying that the use of Cloud is on the rise. Though it boasts a number of advantages there are certain concerns that are hampering its adoption. In this whitepaper we have discussed about the various types of Clouds available to your disposal and why should you select one. We have also discussed about the key concerns of cloud adoption and how you can minimize the risks.

Types of Cloud

There are three types of cloud available: Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. Public cloud computing, what we hear the most is where Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, and Google Apps come to mind. But whether it is the right model depends on the criticality of your application and infrastructure requirements. It may work for some of your computing needs, but if you feel more comfortable to have your computing resources inside your own firewalls, then private cloud is the right answer. That’s what enterprises tend towards when they have a large user base and they are concerned about the data, security and latency.

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