Cloud Hosting Vs Traditional Hosting Packages

There has been a lot of buzz about cloud hosting or cloud computing. Cloud hosting offers organizations an alternative to traditional hosting packages, like shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. So how does cloud computing differ from traditional hosting packages? In this article you will find out how cloud hosting differs from these traditional hosting packages.

Resource Limitations

Traditional hosting packages limit the number of resources that you are allowed to use because you are restricted by use of a single server. And when you reach the limits of a single server the performance of your site is gravely compromised, subsequently leading to things like your site being down and/or driving your clients to other more reliable sites; just to name a few. However, unlike traditional hosting packages cloud hosting does not use a single physical server. Instead, cloud hosting uses virtual servers to pool resources from a physical network of servers in order to meet any demand for IT resources. In other words, there is no limit on the amount of resources that you can use, as you can use as much or as little as you need. And when a server in the network goes off-line, your site will not be affected because it will pull resources from the other servers in the network, making sure that resources are there when you need them.

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