Managed Firewall

What to Consider When Finding a Managed Firewall Service

For nearly every business, a firewall is the only thing standing between its IT infrastructure and the countless number of threats that are present on the world wide web today. As your business expands, the importance grows of ensuring that your IT infrastructure is safe and secure.

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Managed Firewall Basics = Increased Productivity

So your business is expanding, you’re hiring an IT guy and building servers. He starts talking to you about managed or hosted firewall and you’re trying to figure out why the firewall on your desktop which served you so well until now is no longer sufficient. Well,

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Managed Firewalls

Although most firewalls are designed to be very user friendly, there are also firewalls that need special treatment. These firewalls usually contain both hardware and software parts. They require initial installation, configuration, and then maintenance. A firewall like the one which was just described is called a

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