Data Backups and Replication

Data Replication Provides a Solid Infrastructure Backup Plan

Today’s fast-paced organizations need a reliable method for ensuring data is available at all times. Replication helps companies manage a current backup of information and system settings to deliver fast restoration after a disaster takes place. Natural disasters and human errors cannot always be avoided; however, data

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Automatic Data Backup

Data backup and backup storage is a problem faced by everyone using computers. Automatic data backup can be customized simply. With a few mouse clicks you can arrange a backup profile, for further usual use by the command-line backup utility. Forgetting to take backups of important data

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Data Backup – Computer Backup – Safe Guard Important Data

Data Backup – The most effective way to prevent data loss is a solid data back-up procedure. Critical data should be backed-up at least once daily or possibly even more often for very active file systems. The frequency will depend upon the rate at which the protected

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Remote Data Backup Explained

In this age of swift developments in Information Technology, protection of information is a very critical issue for corporate and home users. Information is so valuable that it needs protection from damage and theft. If one’s computer breaks down, a new one can be acquired, however the

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Data Backup – Do You Have a Data Backup and Recovery Plan in Place?

Data backup is rarely a part of a home computer user’s or business IT administrator’s plans, we all say it will never happen to me or my company, but in reality we are just mentally preparing for the time we lose our data. Its like trying to

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Data Backup and Data Recovery Basics for Consumers and Small Businesses

Today, data is everything. A virus or hacker attack, human error, power outage, loss of computer systems or a natural disaster can prove to be catastrophic for individuals and businesses. When you lose your data, the only thing that will be important to you is your ability

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