What Happens When Server Virtualization Mixes with New Cloud Availability

According to Ken Hess at zdnet.com, it means a new market and delivery system for more stable and reliable servers and applications. Instead of installing your OS and applications separately, application vendors may choose to perfectly embed their app in a virtual environment that can be easily replicated by a cloud provider or private cloud. Granted, this type of technology has been available for quite some time, but we have not yet seen anything with the broad appeal and availability of an app store.

According to Hess, “It won’t be long until you’re able to purchase and download Windows-based VMs — VMs tailored and tuned for a variety of purposes and applications. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if application vendors started delivering their applications on VMs too.

Can you just imagine it — browsing, purchasing, downloading, and running a new application or a whole new N-tier environment in minutes instead of weeks or months?”

There is no reason this approach needs to be limited to the enterprise. Private could-as-a-service combines with pay-as-you-go, makes this available to application developers of any size.

85under, using Microsoft’s Hyper-V environment, could accommodate a software distribution in this fashion. Configuring the original machine to the perfect specifications only needs to happen once. That server can very simply be reproduced as needed with the help of Microsoft’s Service Provider License Agreement program (SPLA)