Mobilizing Your Business with Cloud Technology

Everyone and their eight-year-old has a cell phone these days. We have a full generation of adults who don’t remember dial-up modems, answering machines, or that it used to be common to be in public with no way of reaching friends or family unless a payphone was handy. Everything in our world today is connected, and it’s becoming increasingly mobile.

Mobilizing the workforce is the next logical step.

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Cloud storage is a part of that process. A progressively mobile workforce needs the ability to access important files and data when they’re on the go. Whether they are on a business trip, attending an educational conference, snowed in, or simply working from home, the cloud allows employees consistent, reliable access to everything they need in order to remain productive out of the office. This is a perk that can provide measurable long-term results.

The management of cloud data is likewise more competent, due to the lack of hardware associated with ongoing maintenance. When it comes to cloud maintenance, the priorities are typically narrower in scope and therefore more focused in practice. The result is that cloud storage providers like 85under have superior technology, processes, and on-hand experts to support the infrastructure. For clients, this means less downtime and a decreased risk of data loss, with an overall improved user experience.

The cloud also offers peace of mind to business owners in the form of improved disaster recovery. Disaster recovery is that thing you hope you never need but for which you must always be prepared. In the event of a natural disaster—say a flood, fire, tornado, and so on—it is crucial to have an off-site backup for your business’s data. Physical servers require upkeep themselves, and are not immune to the same sort of natural disasters. Cloud networking removes the physical component from the equation, keeping your data secure and safe at all times, no matter what is happening at your physical place of business.

Space is another benefit of secure cloud storage for businesses. Rather than upgrading equipment whenever your servers reach capacity, the cloud allows for essentially endless scalability. This frees up businesses to adjust their storage needs without replacing hardware, encouraging unencumbered growth while maintaining the ability to reduce the storage you’re paying for when and if the need arises. Your cloud storage is like an accordion—it can be molded to fit whatever position best suits your business.

Cloud technology is a viable, secure option for numerous businesses whose workforce is becoming increasingly mobile. These are just a few of the ways switching to the cloud can provide you with the tools you need to navigate the next phase of business technology. To learn more about cloud storage services, contact your friends at 85under.