Is Someone Patching Your Systems?

“Microsoft released six bulletins on Tuesday to fix a total of 11 vulnerabilities, one of which has become the target of active attacks against unpatched applications.

One of the four critical patches in the batch – MS12-027 – addresses an Active X issue that impacts numerous applicationa and creates a mechanism to drop malware onto vulnerable Windows systems.”

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Is someone in your company designated as the one who is going to keep all the systems on your network patched and updated on a regular basis?  Even if you’re diligent with all your patches, the person next to you at work may not be, which puts your entire network at risk, even your computer.  A virus can spread quickly and easily, as can other attacks.  Updates and patches for your system are coming out virtually every day and it’s paramount to stay on top of them.

PCnet can help – we install patches as a part of our Pulse Managed IT services for clients every day.  We protect your network proactively so you don’t have to.