Data Loss Nightmares? – Online Backup Is the Cure

You can stop flinching every time your computer freezes or your jump drive won’t pull up the document you need. Your fears about data loss and expensive data recovery can be replaced with the security of online data backup.

Online backup is a preventative measure that has eliminated the need for old fashioned and expensive data recovery methods. Now you can backup your data before a disaster and if catastrophe hits you can restore your data with a click of the mouse.

Getting online backup is simple, but with the many online backups available there are a few key elements to look for:

  1. Security: Most online backups transfer data over the web and store the files in a data center. You want to be certain your data is secure at both levels. Online backup providers that encrypt the data with a high-level encryption and then send the encrypted data through a secured socket layer (SSL) are ideal. Additionally, look for a provider that stores files in a data center ranked at a tier 3 or 4. These data centers are designed to withstand power surges, power outages most natural disasters.

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